A Room With A View

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The new JaySwann diddy. Now available exclusively on Bandcamp.


Everything Is Everything

Out Now

My birthday gift to y'all! Thanks for all the support. I'm 24 now which means I'll have to start paying for my own health insurance soon. That's kinda weird forreal. Anyway, play "I Miss The Old U" in your car really loud, if you have one. I like that song a lot. 


To The Rhythm Of The Beat

A compilation tape brought to you by

"Would You Vibe With Me" Records

featuring the one named JaySwann. 

Out now via Soundcloud.




Out Now

Music you can clean your crib to. Or not. You choose. :)


Dollar Bills

(feat. Nijel Noel)

Tap the cover art to listen

Dollar Bills Cover.jpg
Feb. 22 @ Le Mondo

A Statement

Skinnoir Records is....a lot of things. When I first decided that I wanted to make music, I wasn't sure what my ultimate goal was. I just knew it was something I wanted to do.
Throughout my life, I've always been the person that people could rely on, whether it was for advice, help with a personal problem or even just a shoulder to cry on. I realize that in addition to music, I also love helping people. I wanted to find a way to combine both of these things. That's what SkinNoir Records is. Music is everything to me, and I want to do everything I can to make the community and the industry better. SkinNoir records isn't for JaySwann. SkinNoir Records is for you, me and everyone who genuinely cares to make a difference through their art. I want to be able to provide artists with the resources that aren't easily accessible to everyone. Whether that's through the curation of events, providing high quality audio, recording, mixing, mastering, community outreach, publishing, distributing or sharing general knowledge, Skinnoir Records is a service for the artist by the artist. It's the mark I want to leave on the world.


- Jay

Decemba (Remix)

Decemba Cover.jpg

R I N S E 

A project by JaySwann.

Now streaming on all digital streaming platforms

R I N S E Cover.jpg


(feat. Swim)

DANGER Cover.jpg

Rainy Day in BOHO Series

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SkinNoir Records is now available for mixing, mastering and DJ services.